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Kaspersky Online Backup Number

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Internet is a vital part of our life we can do all the work with internet connectivity. But sometimes the viruses attack our system or device. Due to this, we lost our data from our system. If you are also facing this problem, then you can try Kaspersky Online backup feature.

To protect yourself from losing important data, we suggest you regularly backup data, this process depends on duration time, the size of the data. If you lost your data due to virus attack so you will be able to restore it from online backup Kaspersky.

Steps for the Online Backup – A Secure Shield

Using Backup and restore you can activate and online storage. In Kaspersky security, you can select the online storage option to store the copies on a remote serving by using the Kaspersky online backup via Dropbox. To activate the online storage service, you will need to follow the given steps, create a backup copy of files window choose online storage and click activate. The dropbox authorization page will open on the browser. Then do the following steps to proceed. If you already have Dropbox account then enter the credentials to your Dropbox account. Now press sign in, go to next step If you don’t have Dropbox, then click to create an account link then enter the first name, last name, email address, password to create a new ID. After that, press the Dropbox terms link and read the terms of service. If you agree to all terms then choose the checkbox I agree to  Dropbox terms then press create an account. Now, confirm to the page click allow. Now you receive a successful activation message. You can use online storage for backup. Create a copy of the file window, select the online storage then press next.

Backup in Kaspersky Security Cloud

To create Kaspersky total security online backup on the local drive or removable media, you can easily follow the simple steps that are mentioned Here:

In the main window of Kaspersky security cloud, press more tools. Then press backup and restore. In the backup and restore see then choose the file which you want to backup. Choose file for backup. Create a backup copy of specified file types: Pictures and photos, Movies and videos, Music files, The entire files from my document folder and desktop, Create backup copies of files from specified folders, To see the list of files of a certain category press the link with the number of files under the category title then press Next. Now press add folder if you want to add a specific folder, in the selected folder to backup window specify the folder or file hit Ok click Next. Choose the storage on a local driver or removable media. If the storage is not present on the list then add it by clicking connect existing storage under the list of available storage options. Then press next.  To set the schedule, select the time period form list. If you have selected a removable media as backup storage, choose the checkbox to run on connecting the removable drive then hit Next. If you create storage on a removable media, then press register now. After that set a password to protect the file in storage, this option is present when you create storage on removable media. Then press next. To complete the process you will need to follow the on-screen instructions.

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