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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, data, and networks from a digital attack, damage, and unauthorized access.  To protect the device or data from the virus, and the hack, cybersecurity is most important.

Kaspersky is the best antivirus in around the world that helps you to protect your data and device from a virus and malware attack. It has many amazing features that make it amazing in front of users. The Kaspersky application has a cybersecurity service that protects your device and your data from hackers and viruses.

Features of Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services

There are multiple features of Kaspersky Cybersecurity services that are divided on five-part like Threat intelligence, security assessment, threat hunting, incident response, security training.

1.Threat Intelligence

In this section, multiple features make the Kaspersky cybersecurity services best for the users.

Threat data feeds: It control and improves forensic capabilities with up to the minute and immediately take the action to cyberthreat data.

APT intelligence reporting:  It delivers protective access to Kaspersky lab’s recent research and insights, sharing the methods, APT performers use tactics and tools.  

Tailored Threat Intelligence Reporting: The expert’s piece together a complete picture of current attack status, identify the weak spots ripe for exploitation and sharing evidence of past, present and planned attacks.

Financial Threat Intelligence Reporting: The cybercriminals develope or sold some tools to attack banks, ATMs, POS, Payment processing companies then this feature helps to focus on threats specifically targeting financial institutions.

Threat Lookup: It allows the real-time search of many petabytes of threat data that is collected and examined by the Kaspersky lab throughout our history. It also provides global visibility into threats and their interconnections.

2. Security Assessment

Penetration testing: It provides an overview of the corporate security posture from the viewpoint of an attacker. Threat intelligence has driven opponent simulation confirming potential attack vectors.

Security assessment of the application: It provides the best services to uncover vulnerabilities in applications of any kind.

Network security assessment: The Kaspersky provides a security system that allows you to defeat the risk by recognizing the vulnerabilities in the system.

3. Threat Hunting

Kaspersky management Protection: Kaspersky lab experts continuously analyze and monitor of your cyber-threat data around the clock.

Targeted attack discovery: It offers to incorporate a range of services that is enabling to protect the identity of any current or historic sign of compromise to attacks previously missed.  

4. Incident Response

Incident Response: It covers the entire incident investigation cycle to completely Remove the threat to the organization.

Digital Forensics: Analysis of the digital proof that is related to cybercrime, to the creation of a comprehensive report detailing the entire relevant findings.

Malware analysis: Give you a complete picture of the functions of specific malware files.

5. Security Training

Security training will help you to defend against cybercrime even the most sophisticated attack.

Digital Forensic: The courses are designed to fill the gaps, developing the practical skills in searching for digital cybercrime tracks and to analyze a different kind of data for restoring the attack timeline.

Analysis Malware: It provides the knowledge that is required to analyze malicious software to save, to write signatures for detecting malware on infected machines. And you can use this knowledge to restore infected files and documents.

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