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The hacker hacks the data of companies. Therefore, they will need security to protect the data of the company. The cybercriminals know that enterprises and multinationals have invested in IT security. To damage the business sometimes the hackers develop against the businesses. There are some of the results that are faced by businesses after the attack.

  • Leakage of information about the customer and employee.
  • Loss business sensitive data included intellectual property.
  • Damaged to employee productivity, which directly affects profitability.

To protect your business from the above issues you need a security system for your business.  If you don’t know how to secure our business so there is no need to take tension because of Kaspersky cloud endpoint security is here to help to secure the entire windows endpoint, file server, Android and iOS mobile devices. Using it you can easily protect your business and customer data from threats like cryptolockers and data theft. It preserves business continuity by keeping the IT system running efficiently and it also secures the mobile workforce and their devices including the BYOD scenario.

Kaspersky endpoint security cloud review is specially designed to manage security for multiple endpoints, mobile devices, and file servers remotely from anywhere. It is equipped with multiple features that make it helpful for you.

Key Functions of Kaspersky Endpoint Security

  • Manage Security for many endpoints, mobile devices, and file servers remotely from anywhere with the user-friendly cloud-based console.
  • There is no need for additional hardware because of the management console is hosted in the cloud. The Kaspersky Lab has already taken care of infrastructure just for you.
  • Powerful protection forms the world’s most tested, most awarded security.
  • It is easy to use and it has powerful tools and management features.
  • Protects against the latest threats, including cryptolockers.
  • Help boost productivity via cloud-enabled usage controls.
  • Protect server and endpoint without damaging performance.
  • It delivers world-class security along with static and dynamic machine learning technologies that help you to reduce your business attack surface and keep the entire endpoint safe while reducing the need to download frequent updates.

How to install Kaspersky Endpoint 10 on the window? Customer Support 24*7

If you want to install Kaspersky endpoint 10 on the window to protect multiple systems so you can easily install it by following the simple steps.

  • Download the remote installation package for Kaspersky Endpoint 10 security of windows. If the package name contains spaces, then remove them or change them to the underscore symbol.
  • Then create a file with the script then save the custom value.
  • Now save the script with BAT extensions.
  • Open group policy management in control panel- Administrative tool or with the command now go to group policy objects.
  • Create a new object, then press ok. Now open the object for editing.
  • Go to computer configuration- policies- window setting- script then opens the startup script properties.
  • In the last add the file of the script you have created.

If the users have any problem related to the Kaspersky endpoint security cloud datasheet then they can contact the Kaspersky support team to avail the help of experts. They are present around the clock.

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